Sprinkler System Installation, Maintenance and Repair

This is installed to maintain the look of your lawn and to preserve its natural design. This system can be very resourceful and helpful when irrigating your lawn. If the sprinkler system is not installed properly, the system can cause ample and fiscal damage on your lawn.

To keep your sprinkler system running suitably and efficiently, there are some steps that you must follow to keep it running the way you want it to run, and they are:
• Have it installed by a professional who can do it properly. (This is us – Salen’s Landscaping Inc.)
• Turn the system on in the day time to check for any damages and any misalignments. If there is any damages or misalignment, call us so we can repair the sprinkler system as soon as possible.
• Clean any dirt or debris around the sprinkler head. If you are having trouble or just don’t want the hassle to clean your sprinkler system, we can do it for you.
• And the most important one is to maintain your sprinkler system every month and get it checked by a professional. You must also check for pressure on the heads to keep it running safely. If pressure is not maintained, it will damage the system and loss of water can cause the lawn to look brown and even cause the lawn to wither.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide free quotes and consultation.