Fences can have much more use or purpose in landscape design than just boundaries. While privacy, vision screening, noise screening and boundaries is generally the purpose of a fence, it can also be used to create different rooms, be a divider, a focal point, decor, etc.

As dividers or screens in landscape design, fences are often used free standing without either or one end attached to an endpoint. This in itself can create a new secluded “room” in otherwise open unused space. This type of fence can also be used to simply hang decor that matches your personality or theme garden.

Keep in mind that if you have a large yard and diverse needs you may need two or more fences to meet those needs best.

No matter what you have in mind or your style, a fence is a landscaping tool with a job to do and even if that job is just simply ornamental. The key is finding a fence that fits your particular style, purpose and budget.

Most Often, fences meet several needs simultaneously, such as a front yard picket that attractively defines your landscape, shades petunias in the afternoon and keeps the neighbor’s poodle off the lawn. If you haven’t given your fence’s future uses much thought, here are some options to consider. A fence can:

  • Embellish your landscape or define your property line
  • Act as a brace for garden vines, such as roses or grapes
  • Keep children or pets contained and safe
  • Act as a partial or full privacy barrier
  • Block or partially block wind and sunlight
  • Muffle sound from a busy street
  • Keep large animals in a pasture, such as horses
  • Restrict wildlife access to your property, such as deer

Decide which uses are most important for your property, then choose between the many style we have from redwood, cedar, chain link, wrought iron, custom fences and more.

Now that you have a fence, adding landscaping to a fence increases the beauty of the area. Landscaping can also be used to increase privacy, add fragrance and visually define the perimeter of your property. Salens Landscaping can help you choose the right type of plants for your budget, location and needs for a rewarding landscape.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide free quotes and consultation.