Yard Clean Up & Inspection

Once the warm spring weather arrives, our thoughts learn towards things we could do outdoors so that our lawn looks like it has always been maintained by a pro. And this does not mean just cutting the lawn. The immediate removal of all dead branches, sticks and leaves is imperative as they do not let any plants or grass breath. We will thoroughly inspect your yard to ensure there isn’t anything to ruin the yard or disrupt the growth of plants and lawn.

We will also inspect your yard for moles. If you notice any channels that were burrowed in the surface  of your lawn, chances are you have mice or moles paying you a visit. We will restore your lawn and rid of mice and moles so it looks like no pest had any activities on your lawn.

We will also treat your lawn with pre-merge weed killer to prevent left over weed seed from last year from growing and to prevent any dandelions from popping up. We ensure to use product that will not end up polluting the yard and would also act as a lawn fertilizer.

Did you fence weather the winter storm? We will inspect your fence to ensure it hasn’t rotten and become a disaster waiting to happen. A broken fence could lead to the next door neighbor’s dog paying your beautifully maintained lawn or back yard a visit. We will fix your fence and ensure it is left standing for many years to come.

Because we have been doing this business for many years, feel free to ask away at any concerns or yard renovation that you may have. Be sure to check out our full list of services on our services page for various service we provide. If you have something in mind that is not present on our services page, don’t hesitate to ask! We are pretty certain we could work something out.

We serve not only Elk Grove but the greater Sacramento area. Contact us today for your free quote and consultation.